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ICUEE hits record with 28 acres of exhibit space for upcoming equipment show

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This year’s International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition, better known as ICUEE, is heading into a record-size equipment show, with 28 acres of utility and construction equipment and products on display. More than 900 exhibitors have signed up to display their wares at ICUEE, and about 180 of those companies are new to the show, according to the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM), which sponsors the event. Held every two years, ICUEE is geared toward the electric, telecommunications, cable, natural gas, water and wastewater sectors. The heavy equipment show organizers have also focused on improving education for industry professionals and …

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Global Infrastructure Market to Grow

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The global infrastructure market is set to grow by 6.0% a year until 2020, according to a new report. A new report from Timetric’s Infrastructure Intelligence Center (InfraIC), Global Infrastructure Outlook, reveals that the global infrastructure market is expected to grow to $4.2tr in 2020, after reaching $3.1tr in 2016. The InfraIC is currently tracking over 12,700 public and private large-scale infrastructure projects worldwide — worth $14.2tr — from the initial announcement to the execution phase. Electricity and power projects dominate the infrastructure construction market with 6,171 projects in the pipeline, according to the report. Electricity and power is then …

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This Past April, 21 States Added Construction Jobs

In Construction by Amber

An Associated General Contractors of America analysis of Department of Labor data found that 21 states added construction positions between March and April, a four-state uptick compared to last month. Like March, 39 states added construction jobs year over year. The persistent skilled-labor shortage is still keeping employers from reaching their staffing goals. AGC Chief Economist Ken Simonson said in a release that there is plenty of work out there, so the lack of hiring is a result of the low labor supply. He said that unless the size of the workforce increases, employers will be forced to rework schedules …

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Excavator Parts

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Excavator parts are manufactured by leading brands to meet excavation demands of various industries. Excavations call for digging out tons of soil from the earth’s surface to discover important minerals, stones and other important resources for human development and consumption. Heavy machinery and equipment that are high on performance, power and durability are employed for this purpose. These have special excavator parts like propel motors, steering boxes, swing motors, swing gear boxes, etc. that are supplied by Construction Equipment Parts. It is only possible for huge corporations with extensive manufacturing facilities to support and create innovative machinery for excavation purposes. …

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John Deere Parts

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John Deere is an American Corporation that is a well known manufacturer of heavy equipment required in agricultural, construction, mining, forestry and other such industries. Founded in 1837, the company has seen massive changes in the industrial scenario globally. It has adapted to the changing needs of various industries and come up with innovative products embracing state-of-the-art technologies. The company is committed to the principles of integrity, quality, commitment and innovation. Their strategy for success for so many years has been to relentlessly understand and serve the needs of those who transform and enrich the land. They contribute to primary …

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Komatsu Parts

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Komatsu Ltd. is the second largest manufacturer and supplier of earth moving equipment that serves the construction, mining and compact construction industries for nearly a century. They also produce heavy machinery for the forklift and forestry industries while selling high quality Komatsu parts too. This equipment company supplies the latest machines and state-of-the-art Komatsu parts through a widespread distributor network and have a service program as a support function for all its products. Their products are built with latest technologies that are constantly upgraded with innovations taking place. Hydraulic Excavators, dozers, wheel loaders, electric and mechanical trucks, motor graders, forklifts, …