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Hitachi Wheel Loaders – Built for the Job

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A recently opened new Recycling Facility located in Silverwater, Sydney are reaping the benefits of its Hitachi ZW250-5 wheel loader. Delivered in late November 2017, it is the first Hitachi machine for business owner Jason O’Sullivan at MET Recycling. The company specializes in haulage and disposal of all material classifications, ensuring that all materials are transported to suitably licensed tips or facilities which hold current D.A approvals. Equipped with a 4m3, the ZX250-5 has already clocked 500 working hours so far. The new wheel loader is utilized to load various materials such as brick, cement, clay and other acceptable tipping …

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Dozer Safety Tips

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While all John Deere equipment is designed with safety in mind, the design itself will not ensure 100% safe operation. The equipment operator can take several steps to ensure dozer safety before, during, and after operation. Here are some steps that should be taken by all dozer operators to ensure they’re kept safe while on the jobsite. Dozer Safety: Before Operation Buckle the seatbelt before starting the engine. In the case of a rollover, the seatbelt will keep you in place and will allow the ROPS to do its job. Make a quick check of the dozer’s operational controls. Doing …