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This Past April, 21 States Added Construction Jobs

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An Associated General Contractors of America analysis of Department of Labor data found that 21 states added construction positions between March and April, a four-state uptick compared to last month. Like March, 39 states added construction jobs year over year.

The persistent skilled-labor shortage is still keeping employers from reaching their staffing goals. AGC Chief Economist Ken Simonson said in a release that there is plenty of work out there, so the lack of hiring is a result of the low labor supply. He said that unless the size of the workforce increases, employers will be forced to rework schedules to accommodate the tight labor conditions. The AGC has once again called upon U.S. lawmakers to beef up career and technical education programs and pass the new Perkins Act, which provides funding for those initiatives. The legislation would also give local school officials more leeway in designing technical programs so that they can better meet local workforce challenges and demands.

Article by ConstructionDIVE